About Haven
Welcome to the Haven web site!

Haven is a new guild on the World of Warcraft EU Silvermoon server for players aged 20 years and over. Haven is a safe refuge to level up, have fun, achieve, get help and enjoy the game and content.

Haven aims to provide a fun, friendly and helpful environment to players.
Haven is primarily a social, levelling guild but also encourages raiding for those that want to raid together.

As a Haven member you can:

  • create or sign-up to calendar events in-game for guild runs to complete achievements, lead raids, attend raids,  mount runs, old-school raids, dailies and dungeons
  • deposit and withdraw items from the guild bank
  • use the guild Team Speak 3 server to communicate with other guild players while you raid, run dungeons, perform dailies or simply chill out
  • use the guild web site to post your ideas on the forums and record your achievements with images and comments
  • enjoy the guild reward benefits

If you are interested in joining a mature guild for social fun and achieving together then register your application by clicking on the Apply to Guild link in the Membership section on the top-left of the home page or whisper any Officer or Raid Leader (select the Guild Roster menu option above to see officer or raid leader names) for a guild invite in-game.

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